About Us

What is Cult Escape?

Mission Statement: Cult Escape is a resource which inspires courage and hope for anyone who seeks freedom from religious control.

Vision Statement: We are aiming for the horizon of world peace where religious division, self-righteousness and control is replaced with unconditional love, so that the world will be as one.

Cult Escape Resource

Cult Escape is an ever growing resource that aims to promote awareness of the struggles that many are facing all over the world today. Through the online presence, books, social media, public speaking, conferences and seminars, information and testimonies can be accessed which can give those trapped in controlling situations the knowledge, hope and courage needed to set them free.

Cult Escape Concerns

Cult Escape is concerned about the damage that certain religious cults inflict on people which stunts their personal growth by controlling their life through fear of punishment, pressurising them on how they should live their life and turning them against those who are not in their cult. This sometimes goes as far as separating families.

Cult Escape believes that to control a person through cultic methods is abuse which present a threat to the well-being of the individual and the family.

Consequently Cult Escape sees the need to present an alternative and a solution from being controlled by fear, self-righteousness, and cultic exclusivity.

Cult Escape’s Solution in 2 Words

Unconditional Love.