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What is Cult Escape? Watch this 2 minute summary.

What is a Cult? This video gives a hard hitting yet simple definition.

The moment I knew I wanted out. My epiphany moment.

What did it feel like growing up in a religious cult where we had to go to 11 meetings a week? This video tells the story.

What do you do when you realise you are in a cult, but if you leave, your family who remain may never contact you again?

Sandy Huckley’s Buns #1 Funny Memories

Why can’t you just leave us alone? What?? Are you Kidding???

Come on, let’s be real, do religious cults split up families or not?

In this video, the tricky subject of how to extract a person trapped in a cult is examined.

Why would 50-75 people’s highlight of the week, be waiting for someone to yawn?

No pets, no Beatles or computers, no facial hair, football matches or a pint in a pub. What freak world is this?!

I have left a religious cult. Can anybody help me???

The Best Thing About Leaving The Cult Was…

What was it like as a child, growing up under cult law yet having to go to State school?

The Excessive Wind Problem #3 Weird Memories

Family Separation Cults Exposed is one of the most important videos to watch.

Is there any hope of finding healing from cultic family separation? Yes!!!

My Cult Indoctrination #1

My Cult Indoctrination #2

The Secret Bush Sins | #4 Weird Memories

How To Cope With A Cult-Torn Family

Pets Die When Cult Bans Them

Healing From Post Cult Grief #2

Shunning: Soon To Be A Criminal Offence?

#1 How To Escape From A Religious Cult

#2 How To Escape From A Religious Cult

Can Cult Survivors Ever Forgive?

Apostasy: Review On What The Film Reveals

Can I Have My Dad Back Please: A Letter To The PBCC Leader

Top 4 Reasons People are Trapped in Cults – Survey Results

The 2nd Biggest Reason People Are Trapped In Cults

Deprogramming Cultic Polarised Thinking


Cult Control

I Want to Leave, But Where Will I Live ?

Cult Predictions 2021

Important Message to all Cult Leaders

Thinking of Leaving?

Cult Escape Narration Introduction

“A Remote Control! What Is That?” Cult Escape - Chapter 1

How on Earth did it all begin? History of the Exclusive Brethren | Cult Escape - Chapter 2

The Banned List of Cult Laws that Controlled Me | Cult Escape - Chapter 3

What Happens When Cult Laws are Disobeyed | Cult Escape - Chapter 4

Why I Was Banned From Eating With School Friends | Cult Escape - Chapter 5

Cult Bans Members from Jobs and Careers | Cult Escape - Chapter 6

Groomed By A Cult To Shun | Cult Escape - Chapter 7

Top 10 Funny Cult Memories | Cult Escape - Chapter 8

How I Escaped | Cult Escape Chapter 9

The Wild Years | Part 1 | Cult Escape Chapter 10