Cult Escape Reviews

Brilliantly written

Mrs. L. O'Shaughnessy
An informative and emotive account about one man's freedom from the chains of a cult, and about what he learned about himself, God and religion along the way. He explains why the 'right's way is always love, not religion or external conditions of worth.

That touched me deeply. I feel for the millions still trapped - Ian Denny

My sense is that the challenge with the message of this book is getting it into the hands of those trapped. And for them to be open-minded enough to start reading it. It is heart-breaking and beyond my comprehension how awful it must be to have to choose your freedom or family. I hope this experience and book can influence a change in legislation to dig deep into the brainwashing and indoctrination that quite obviously takes place. And to any cult leaders reading this review...if you instantly deny you are, pause. Do you really want to reach your death-bed knowing in your heart you are responsible for the misery of so many people? You can change.

As I read this book, it made me laugh.... (remembering little things from my own childhood experiences), cringe.... (remembering how arrogant we were in our lack of understanding the real world) and shed a tear.... ( for all those I’ve loved and lost). Thank you for writing honestly about the pain and loss suffered by those who are raised to know no better. I recommend this as a good read for anyone struggling with a narrow belief system as it describes the journey to freedom and real life.

Best Read ? Carol W

I can honestly say I didn't put this book down. I was intrigued at this true account of the authors life within the Cult and also after he left, I must admit I did laugh out loud at parts. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone, it offers help and hope to all and of course especially to people trapped within a cult. A must read in my opinion.

Amazing Insight, A Must Read - Amazon Customer

A fascinating read which must have taken immense courage on John's part to have to re-live painful memories in producing this work. A shameful indictment that cultist practices still lurk in the shadows in 2019 and as the author noted on his FB page recently, those who inflicted this suffering on him in his formative years tried to stop this being published.

I struggled to put the book down. A lifetime of experience, pain and healing has went into writing this book. I felt really connected to John through his openness about his experiences. This is a personal story that doesn't hold back when talking about wounds and mistakes. Especially when speaking about impacts on his family and the wounds on his journey to freedom.

I brought your book and I cant put it down!! - Kellie Giunta (Therapeutic Counsellor)

Amazing read and a brilliant insight into cult life. Thank you

This book has it all - drama, pain, humour, joy, love, passion, honesty. The author has taken his agonising journey of enforced separation from his family and turned it into a love letter to those still in captivity in the Plymouth Brethren. Whether or not you are familiar with this cult, this book is an excellent read and it will touch your heart. Thank you, John, for sharing your heart.

A book straight from the heart and soul of a cult survivor. Johns telling of his story to inspire others is such a courageous act of love. A must read for anyone interested in Cults or recovering from being in one.

Freedom at Last! - Al Hamilton

This book is a compulsive and compelling read about how the author escaped from a debilitating and restrictive cult, the Plymouth Brethren. It is a true, factual account of his life story, endearingly and sensitively told through open and honest eyes. It is not aimed at being persuasive, yet is so, and reveals how a cult victim may escape from their present circumstances, often at high personal cost. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels trapped by a religious cult and to wider interested parties since its contents cannot be refuted. Congratulations on your brave, coherent account which deserves to be widely read.

Who doesn't like a great story?...especially one that has it all. Drama, Intrigue, Action, Thrills, Romance and Comedy. When we can learn how others live, we have the opportunity to learn about our self. John Spinks, provides ample opportunity in this jaw-dropping and sometimes hilariously funny, serious story of his life. If you've ever wondered about cults, this book will answer all your questions and some you hadn't thought of. An easy read and a bit of a page turner, to be honest.

You might expect this to be a tell-all exposé of name calling and revenge, yet John Spinks has taken "Cult Escape" to a much higher purpose and Truth. This book has relevance beyond those affected by extremist cults! We all have experienced rejection, abandonment, and/or that feeling of not being seen by those who would love us, those we call "family". Many of John's perspectives, suggestions, messages are in alignment with the Truths I receive as a spiritual guide and emotional healer. Unconditional love does heal us individually and, since we're all connected, as a collective. Reading this book helped me fill the chasm or void I've felt since "losing" a living loved one who cut family ties in the name of God, based upon bible interpretations at his church of choice. John's journey and words carry us from pain and separation to unconditional love, forgiveness, hope! "Like the currents of wind that keep the bird soaring, the driving power of my life is the realised unconditional love that is inside me, is me and always was me." So beautiful!!!

What stands out to me the most from this read, is not the circumstance of being born into and indoctrinated with the "right" religion, aka the "Exclusive Brethren" (cult), but John's courage to leave everything he knew, and all that he loved, and ultimately discover TRUTH for himself, not knowing where he would ultimately land. His years after leaving a cult were curiously experiential and varied, as one would expect, but where he found himself was in the loving arms of the Father God, who is real, and who is LOVE. That is what truly amazes me. Many leave cults, or legalistic religious backgrounds, with deep emotions of bitterness, resentment, and a lot of woundedness, which is clearly understandable. They often become hardened towards discovering any further "truth" and become atheists or agnostics with their questions unanswered. Not so for John. He discovered the truth about God, and that God is LOVE, and John has experienced His love in unprecedented ways. Now his life's mission seems to extend that "unconditional love" towards everyone he meets and lead others on the same path of freedom that he has found. Thanks for sharing your story John!

What a wonderful read. He is so brave to tell his story... he seems so caring nice thoughtful good all round human being... please read it. Its brilliant xx

This book is very easy reading and very enlightening about the religious cult the author was in. It is a good read and I recommend it to anyone Christian or not. It represents an obvious cult to outsiders but also reflects any organisation that preaches they are the only ones that are right and every one else is wrong. A church doesn't necessarily have to be a fixed cult but can operate in very controlling ways. It makes you aware of serious dangers.

What a journey! - Joanne Finnerty

Gosh John, what a journey you’ve been through so far. Well done in writing your book, it must not have been easy to write. I couldn’t imagine going through anything like that, these cults are so, so cruel. Glad you were brave enough to escape and now live a full life. I am sure this book will help others who have been in your situation. By the way, The Hippodrome was my first nightclub too!

Unconditional Love -

Amazon Customer Martha Burling

Thank you John Spinks for allowing me walking with you on your Life Journey, which is full of Sincerity and Unconditional Love. The book has opened my eyes, helping me working with clients on similar issues, with Empathetic Understanding as a Counsellor.
Martha Burling MBACP Reg Integrative Counsellor.
Imatter Counselling Therapy Networks.
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.


A very true account of his experiences alot that I could relate to great read.