Watch with an open mind. Hear the hearts of these people as they tell their story. See their faces and feel their pain of having their families split up. Find the empathy and compassion in your heart. Where is the love?

Why was a once happy young family divided? Why did the husband kill his wife and three children then himself? What upset him? Why was a mother punished for showing a neighbour her new baby? Why was the Leader of the Exclusive Brethren naked in bed with another man’s wife? Shocking and heartbreaking, the documentary team speak to ex-members about the laws rules they simply had to obey – or else!’ See it all in Doctrine That Divides’, BBC Omnibus Exclusive Brethren documentary, 1976.

With humor and piercing observations, Dawn Smith sheds light on growing up in a religious cult and what it takes to leave everything you’ve ever known. This poignant story will make you cry and laugh as she shares her struggles with joining the outside world.
“One day you will grow up and you will realise you can leave all of this.” An old lady to five-year-old Dawn Smith standing beside a cult member who was yelling the gospel at passers-by.
“Even the hardest day of freedom was better than the best day in a cult.”

Why I Left an Evangelical Cult – Dawn Smith

Be inspired, what do you really want? When you are ready, it’s all yours for the taking. In the meantime enjoy these words and incredible music…

Be inspired because you are loved and totally accepted, just the way you are, yes you are good enough, you don’t need man’s approval.

You have no idea just how much you are being loved unconditionally right now! You are a bright and shining star, yes, You!