The Suffering

What suffering does a person go through when their family is split by religious law?

I wept for three hours when I realised that I may never see my Dad and Mum again. It was like I had been a rope in a tug of war. The rope had snapped. It felt like my heart was being slowly knifed. To date I have been separated from my parents for 29 years, and our family has been split for 47 years.

One of the cruelest acts of humanity is to separate a person from their family!

Have you ever seen a little child cry when it has lost its mother? Picture that little child now. The child is utterly consumed and traumatised with grief. Their little heart is broken. They are suffering absolute devastation. Can I tell you something? Adults are the same too. They also miss their Mum, their Dad, their children when they lose them to a cultic law. Think about it.

Thousands of people have had their family split up by cultic laws. Many live with a deep grief that is normally associated with the bereavement of the loss of a loved one. However, for many, their loved ones are still alive. Unable to reach out they are living the nightmare of cultic separation.

It is very important to recognise the root cause of this separation. It is cultic law. It is law that the leader of the cult has devised, which he decides must be obeyed if a family is to stay together. If a member disobeys, his law dictates that those who remain must be separate from those who go.

Stop! Did you get that? I'll repeat it: If a member disobeys, the law dictates that those who remain, must be separate from those who go. That's the family split. Those who remain, not those who leave. Those who leave want their family to come with them if at all possible. The law says that they can't. Who is the law-maker?

For example, someone I know in the cult was caught with a mobile phone about 15 years ago. He was 'withdrawn from' and ostracised, resulting in his family not allowed to see him. If the cultic law was that it was acceptable to own a mobile phone, then his family would have remained together.

The cultic law therefore determines the separation. I believe that the instigators of such laws are culpable for the separation as they are in positions of influence and power over the fearful and disempowered people they have indoctrinated.

The purpose of this chapter is to draw attention to a little realised fact; the terrible suffering that has gone on and is going on today in the lives of thousands of people. Their crime; failure to obey the cultic laws that were imposed on them, resulting in their family split up.

Who cares? The people suffering care. I care.

What can anyone do about it? We can tell our stories and other people’s stories and let people decide for themselves.

What is the goal? Families reunited again.

Definition of ‘split up’:

‘Split up’ is a state a family is in when at least one of the members are not allowed to spend ‘normal family time’ together. They are separated from one another. The family is split up.

Definition of ‘normal family time’ is where:

  1. Families are allowed to live together if desired.

  2. Families are allowed to visit each other in their homes and stay with each other.

  3. Families are allowed to celebrate the birth of their grandchildren and family weddings.

  4. Families are allowed to fully join in with the funeral arrangements of family members.

  5. Families are allowed to celebrate birthdays and special occasions.

  6. Families are allowed to eat or drink with each other anywhere.

  7. Families are allowed to go out shopping together.

  8. Families are allowed to go on holidays together.

Any person or group who imposes their ‘religious’ laws on people, which results in them not being allowed to enjoy the normal family things, as in the above list, has split that family up.

Cult Escape campaigns to create awareness of such splits and separations in the cultic groups of today, warning people of what can happen if they were to join such a group.

Have a read of some of the stories of people who have experienced what it is like, being separated from their families.