The Synopsis

Cult Escape Synopsis

Cult Escape. It says it all does it not? If not I hope this short synopsis will do. It is the personal story of a boy born into a tyrannical religious Exclusive Brethren cult in England in the 1960s, and the tormenting journey of planning the escape to eventual freedom. The price of freedom was to be cut off from all his friends and family who were forbidden from having any contact with him.

Now, after escaping, what does a 22 year old boy, who had been hidden in a box like a coiled spring do, when suddenly he finds he can explore all his fantasies with no religious restraint? Like the proverbial kid in the sweetshop, he goes wild. He loses his virginity within days, goes evil by buying the forbidden TV, radio, video and ‘fills his boots’ experimenting with the ‘big bad world’. That boy was me.

Cult Escape has three sections; IN, OUT and SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT. The story starts with being born into the cult, the lifestyle, the rules, the coercion, the confessions, the disciplining, and the separation from the evil world.

The IN chapters cover how it felt having to grow up in a strict religious cult, the laws we were all under, the difficulties of school life, the challenges of work life, and the coping mechanisms for ‘us young ones’ during the excruciating boredom of yes, eleven meetings every single week! One of my distractions was, believe it or not; I ate myself. I still have the scars. In that particular chapter called Funny Memories...; 

Such was the dry monotony for most of us young ones, we were always on the lookout for anything to break the boredom. The following are a few memories and funnies of such happenings, which though may sound ridiculously insignificant to you, were some of the highlights of our life of conformity, restrictions, rules and regulations.

Here you will read about Sandy Huckley’s buns, the fate of all those who watched Charles marry Diana, the passage we could look up and the Yawn Show. Yes, all weird stuff, the things intelligent people can get up to when they allow a man they call The Universal Leader to control their hair length, their shaving habits, their house drains and convince them it would be wicked to have a cup of tea with their neighbour.

The OUT chapters describe the new and exciting world I was now free to explore, how my head got free from the cult indoctrination, how my beliefs changed and three major healing experiences that I hope will help many who read this book.

The controversial SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT chapters examine serious issues that seek to position religious controlling cults under the scrutiny of the public eye. Though religious cults are legal, how does society really feel about the splitting up of families, coercive indoctrination and brainwashing? What actually defines a cult? Why do they all believe they are the ‘right’ church? How can a person successfully leave a cult, even if they were born into it? Can anything be done to stop the control and abuse that goes on today? I believe that there is something the government can do and I make a legislation proposal in the penultimate chapter called The Religious Warning.

Finally, the Conclusion which I offer for due consideration. In the words of Paul McCartney, ‘There must be an answer, Let It Be’.

Cult Escape is more than a book. It is also a campaign with an online resource at: 

The strap line is:

Inspiring courage and hope for anyone who seeks freedom from religious control.

The aim of the campaign is to help those wanting to escape their entrapment, encourage those wounded and harmed by cults to pursue healing, to warn society about the dangers of what can happen to their family should they join a cult, and to show that love is more powerful than control. The book will be sold from this site where anyone can also access information about cults, watch videos, read testimonies and contact help organisations all around the world. Cult fascination is worldwide and is growing with new documentaries being released regularly and more and more ex members coming out with their stories.

What will be the next big cult story to hit the news? A friend of mine once testified in court that the cult he had been a member of had not informed him of his mother’s death, till three months after she was buried. The judge put his head in his hands and shook his head in disbelief. Something needs to be done about this. I’m getting on with it. Can you help?

(72,000 words).

Yours faithfully
John Spinks