Cult Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign

The Very Last Thing Any Parent Or Grandparent Expects…..


Is To See Their Kids Enter A Cult And Be Lost Forever, Until It Actually Happens That Is.

Do you have teenage kids or grand kids? That vulnerable age when they are trying to establish their own identity. When they experience their first troubles. Bullying, friendship challenges, hormonal changes, and perhaps even experimentation (with or without your knowledge) with drugs and alcohol.

Wherever they “hang out” – whether that’s in the real world or the world of social media, that’s where the recruiters hang out too. 3 to 10 million people are estimated to be members of over 2500 religious cults in the USA.

That figure is over half a million in over 500 cults in the UK.

I want that to stop. But it is only parents and grandparents who know their kids and care enough to see the signs.

I was born into a cult and I am one of the rare and lucky ones who escaped.

I share my story – in graphic detail – but take you on a journey to a happy ending.

Those frightening numbers suggest that in every street or apartment block, statistically, you will find cult members or entire families.

You may even know who they are. So use my experiences to first prevent your own loved ones from being recruited, and then give a copy to anyone you know who is trapped in a cult.

This one act of kindness may save both your loved ones and those already trapped from a lifetime of misery.

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I did a survey on 16th February 2018 and asked the following question, followed by the response:

The question is, are you aware of the following?

1: This year, there are a number of religious cults that will go out to actively recruit university students.

2: Potentially thousands of students will be recruited.

3: Families will find that their sons / daughters are no longer connected to them emotionally because they will be brainwashed, and that their relationships, careers, and finances will be controlled.

The response:

“I wasn’t aware at all. Thanks for shining a light on it.” LS

“It’s a terrifying thought. I worried about my son being robbed, spending his money recklessly, not making new friends, having his good nature taken advantage of: none of these materialised. I never for a second considered this.” JS

“I had no idea at all. Thank you for raising awareness on this. I don’t know if I was lucky to be blissfully ignorant when my three kids went to university or stupid. Lots of other concerns go through your mind, but this one just hadn’t hit my radar. These cults can be insidious and very clever. One key strategy of success is putting a wedge between children and their families so they can tighten their grip. It is heartbreaking.” PB

“These cult traps are pretty scary stuff you’re dealing with, I thought initially it was something very remote that I knew nothing about then recalled I know someone who took years to pull out of such a cult in her young years (in Central America btw). Guess just because we don’t like the sound of things it does not mean they can’t happen to someone close to you. Thank you for raising awareness on this issue.” SP

“Yes. And it happens in schools too!” DC

“Omg that’s pretty scary stuff!! The world is full of opportunists! NO wasn’t aware.” SB

“Unfortunately, NO. It sure will make us be more attentive to the signs.” PM

“That’s shocking John, I was not aware at all!” AG

“Thanks for the share, was not aware about it.” SJ

“Yes. It’s always been the case. Used to see them in the Manchester student areas often.. I was stopped frequently. That was back in the ‘ 90s.” DI

“No. I was aware but not to this extent.” BE

“I’m sort of aware, by that I mean I’m aware of such groups and not surprised they would target new students. I suspect the amount of risk depends on the upbringing of the student. If university life is drastically different to normal life there is more risk, I would think. If it’s another facet of an already streetwise upbringing maybe it’s less risky.” DG

“Cults are nothing new in my time at university there were cults but I was not interested in that stuff they can’t force you to join if you don’t want to. They pick on the the vulnerable students who want to belong and that’s how they Brain wash you they offer you caring loving environment and friendship etc run run fast. I believe in my opinion if we advice our children and warm them in advance of the common dangers they will be able to protect themselves. Communication is key. There are many dangers and distractions at university cults , excessive drinking due to peer pressure , drugs every campus has a dealer etc. We can’t bubble wrap our children but we can advice them and let them know that we are there for them.” SA

” Yes, that has been going on for a long time. When children are not educated about the huge difference between faith and religion, they are very vulnerable.” GW

“I was born and raised in one. It’s important to teach your kids to think and reason and how to recognise manipulative people. I am not aware that this is a problem in US universities.” CG

“Yes. Sadly I’ve watched it happen and was unable to do anything. The people didn’t want to hear about what I was seeing.” YV

“No, I wasn’t aware of the fact of specifically targeting uni students. I guess they are easy prey as they are young, vulnerable, and fresh away from the nest. Scary thought!” CS

“YES! I’ve always been aware of this. I made sure my niece was aware of the signs when she went off to Uni (she’s now 40) and I did the same with my daughter a year ago.” PC

“No,but I will now be watching very closely.” PK

“Didn’t know to that extent. Your work is important stuff, sounds like your book launch should be freshers week.” PB

“No! Wasn’t aware of any of that!” MM

“I am not surprised. It was the same 30 years ago when I was at Warwick.” KK

“I’ve been aware of cult members recruiting outside AA meetings etc praying on the vulnerable at a low point in their lives – but not university. Terrifying! Especially knowing that they divide people from their families. Did that happen to you too?”ID

“This is an important issue. Thank you raising awareness around it.” ZK

“No, Very Tragic though. And great job on increasing awareness!” MK

“No, never knew this was happening in the UK.” PC

“Wasn’t aware of this at all, sounds like something you’d watch on TV, scary!”

“This is something I was warned about at sixth form twenty years ago. It’s scary that it still happens. Making your daughter aware will equip her to protect herself.” LP

“Scary and true John this is definitely worth a share.” SC

“No didn’t know.” CA

“I knew that this is happening in USA, I did not know that it’s even here.” VS

“No this sounds really worrying.” MC

“No.” KW

“Yes, these practices do happen even at high schools. Therefore spend quality time with your children, be emotionally present when you do. Find out who their friends and parents are. Be overly compassionate irrespective of their failures, misconduct etc, be kind and sympathetic even though you know they may do the worst things. Parents must be the first point of contact whatever the situation outside of the home. You must inculcate trust and be consistent in your behavior in a reassuring and positive manner.” RK

“This is something that I think will depend on the area you are and the school. I know when I attended University a few years ago, there were only a couple of organizations and religious groups actively on campus seeking membership and the likes. I feel that these organizations are aware that many of these students are away from home and acting independently for the first time, which can be scary and isolating, especially if they are living off campus during their first semester or year. One of the things that schools can do to combat this predatory behaviour is making sure that first year students have amble access to services and activities that work to include off-campus students and get them involved in healthy groups and activities at the beginning of school. I feel like it would also be incredibly helpful to see high schools offering courses (mandatory or not) that teach young students the basics for getting by on their own and how to spot potentially predatory schemes. Even making sure that students know how to find and use resources available to them would be valuable!” RP

“Yes. It was ever thus and is a part of the growing up process. As parents we have to support our children as well as preparing them for the big bad world out there. Yes there are people who will do bad things but your children are now adults and need to learn this for themselves – high school is a very different issue! Of course there are a number of opportunities at University that make children no longer connected to parents. I discovered women and alcohol and have never been the same since. In the early 20th Century the subversive groups targeting students were promoting conscious objection to WWI & II how are they viewed today with 100 years to think about it? All part of growing up – thanks for raising the issue, well worth the debate.” JK

“Not consciously aware but not surprised. Surely this isn’t anything new though?” ME

“I’m aware from my own uni days… we had at least 5 lots of Scientology literature and subsequent visits in the first 2-3 weeks alone. Aston now has an entirely different reputation for being an abundant recruitment ground for IS too which is incredibly worrying.” RM

Result so far: 14 / 38 said that they were aware.