The Best Thing About Leaving The Cult, Was…

The best thing about leaving the cult was/is.....

I went to social media and asked ex-cult members for their experiences. 

Here is a compilation of what they said:

(Some remain anonymous to protect any family members they have who are still in the cult.)


Rebekah Lee


Discovering that there are so many amazing people! I was told from as early as I can remember that any ‘worldly’ person was wicked. Even people that seemed nice were actually bad. Realizing how many beautiful souls there actually are has helped ease the hurt of losing everyone I left behind. I sometimes look around and think how awful it would be if I had gone my whole life not knowing these people who have become my dear family and friends!!

Ex-Exclusive Brethren


Freedom from fear
Freedom from unnecessary rules and regulations
Freedom from guilt because I did something the “society” disapproves of
The chance to feel happy and free in the worship of the TRUE God!
Patricia Flores
Ex-Jehovah's Witness

Freedom! Freedom to Express yourself without condemnation, freedom to make your own choices,freedom to Express my faith & belief without fear.
Freedom to know God in a way I could never ever had known him if I had not left the sect.
Just freedom full stop!
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

“The rabbi promised freedom
and I wanted to be free.
I left my daily prison
and at last I am truly me.”
John J May
Ex-Jehovah's Witness

A chance to understand the world and faith without the prism of JW's warping it.

Neil Gardner


The best thing for me was and is freedom to love, freedom to discover my identity, and freedom to live and enjoy life to the full. Watch my video about it if you like:
John Spinks
Ex Exclusive Brethren

The freedom for sure... Taking in knowledge that they never made an attempt to give me... Saturday morning college football with a bowl of cereal.

Tim Hines



Definitely from fear to love and freedom. From slave to heir.

Glen Franklin Stambaugh

Ex-Seventh Day Adventist

Was how it felt like a ton was lifted off of me. But I had to be sure I wasn't like the spring that had been compressed for a long time and then suddenly released.

Cassandra Stevens


Being free to go on holiday! We had some wonderful family holidays after we left.
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

As to religion:
Freedom to believe as I choose. Freedom to do as I choose. The freedom that Christ promised.
I don’t need WT to tell me how to live nor to explain what I believe. I can read and decide for myself.
Jm T Bosquesillo

To discover a loving and merciful God instead of a judgmental God.
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

No more meetings! Also no more going door to door, all dressed up in 90 degrees weather here in Florida.
Gail Larsen

The best thing for me was the realization that evil is not the basic condition of human beings. Once I stopped seeing myself and others as basically evil beings, I learned to love and trust, not hate and be suspicious. It opened up a wonderful, happy world for me.
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

Best thing was being free from the deception and lies. Worst thing is losing my family ?
Ruiz Lisa

I found out that most people are kind and helpful contrary to what we were told about "the world" being ugly and under Satan's control.
I found out I was fully able and capable of controlling my own life, I didn't need a governing body of old dudes to tell me how to live.
I found out that the sky didn't fall nor lightning strike me dead when I celebrated holidays or entered a church or satisfied my curiosity on "questionable" topics such as Wicca or different types of sexuality or Catholicism or politics.
I found out that happiness comes from within, not from any other entity or source.
Annette Colleen Ernsperger
Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

Not feeling forced to go out on the ministry.

Barbara Fletcher


I was very aware from a young age that not all worldly people were wicked. The neighbours were Christians and well known for their generosity and committment to the neighbourhood, volunteering in so many places. They were recognized for it. Don was a devout Anglican, even my father had a hard time finding fault with him. Betty will be 95 in October and prior to Covid was still a volunteer, she did Saturdays as a bartender at the Veteran's seniors home. The only thing was when I was kicked out I was a little too trusting and had to find out who were not wicked in the world and who were good. I was a little too trusting. I had experienced wicked in the ebs so thought I should be able to recognize that in the world. Speaking of Betty, I phone her a couple days a week, she lives on her own and still drives. One amazing lady.


Ex-Exclusive Brethren

I’d say there’s 2 best things, for me, when it came to leaving. First: freedom of thought. I know now that I have the right to question things & to be sceptical. Whereas when I ask people within the church questions, I am made into a bad person by questioning the “true church”. Secondly, I just stopped caring what they think of me ? I know that may sound silly. But I was trapped in “keeping up with appearances”. It feels good to re-discover my true self.


Ex-Worldwide Church of God

The best thing about leaving the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses was being able to think for myself and make decisions based on my analysis of data and logical reasoning with fear of punishment or judgment. In short - it's awesome to no longer be under mind control!
Chantell Williams

I felt free for the first time.
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

Being able to sleep-in on the weekends, guilt free. No longer having to go out in field service. Being able to read, and listen to whatever I wanted. Being able to be friends with whoever I wanted. Being able to have a hobby, go on a vacation and have some "me" time, all without guilt.
Sally Peterson
Ex Jehovah's Witness

One of the best things for me about leaving the cult is that now I can spot a cult a mile away , and I live in California where new ageiness Reigns supreme. I am still at my age now (43) living with all the reality warping aspects of my upbringing. I think those formative years will always influence me , but I am free now and grown up and I call the shots in my own life. I am tired of my cult upbringing story but thankful that I am on the other side !
Michalyn Renwick
Ex-Worldwide Church of God

Free to be yourself, no wondering if your doing the wrong thing. Travel wherever you want ,staying wherever you like. Loving who you want to, no judgement. Being truely happy.
Ex-Exclusive Brethren

The best thing for me was to feel normal n like everyone else. To do wat I wanted n to enjoy every special occasion (xmas, birthdays, easter) that I'd always been denied. To live a 'normal' life.


Amanda Jane Morgan


Ex JW's

Yes. To actually “know” the real God.
Karoline Keller Kosloski
Ex-Seventh Day Adventist

The best thing for me is being allowed to be me. Listen to the music I want watch what I want and love be with the man I love and chose myself.
Suanna Nichols

The best thing for me was finding my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the first time and enjoying the freedom to associate with all Christians of many denominations. Jesus was always marked as “absent” at Kingdom Hall.
Stanley Robert Walker
Ex Jehovah’s Witness of 35 years

Same here, we were in it for 49 years me and 52 years my wife. Got out finally in 2001 and got Born Again in November 2002. Been great knowing the real Yeshua/Jesus Christ.


Waking up and realizing you never have to go out in service again.

Brandi Arnold


The freedom from FEAR. Fear is rampant.

Judith Kroll

Ex JW's

No one's judging me

Carol Neisworth

Ex JW's

My response to the above question would be the best thing that came out of leaving the SDA church was Freedom to be who I am, Freedom to think for myself, Freedom to choose my own path. Freedom to have my own friends from diverse groups, and Freedom to embrace higher level of education outside of a church perspective.

Sheila McKillop

Ex-Seventh Day Adventist.

The best thing I think of leaving the cult is living a guilt free life. I was told so many guilt ridden stories of how closely Gawd was watching me. He supposedly knew my every thought so I Iiterally forced myself into thinking positive. I was always reminded to thank Gawd for every damn good thing in my life and would feel awful if I forgot. I was scared he put me in a wheelchair. Literally. So now I've been doing me. Lots of therapy but I'm happy with me and feel accepted by "the world." Not worrying about being judged, instead I stand up for myself. That is so empowering!

Roberta Honkanen

Ex Worldwide Church of God