Cult Escape – The Story


Hi, I’m John.

Eleven meetings a week, five on a Sunday, not allowed mobile phones, tv’s, music, radio, movies, computers, semi-detached houses, moustaches, beards, dating, holidays, dogs or cats, restaurants, theatre, pubs, bars, going to school friend’s houses, and much more.

Here’s the full story revealing the lifestyle inside the controlling hard core religious cult that I was born into. I eventually escaped aged 22, losing my family who stayed behind. I wrote it to warn people about what goes on, and give hope and encouragement to those trapped in cults today.

10 questions that Cult Escape explores…

  1. Why have I decided to tell my story now?
  2. What do you do when your family is split by religious law?
  3. How does it feel when you say goodbye to your parents for maybe the last time, because their religious law says you have to go?
  4. What does every cult have in common, yet they all disagree upon?
  5. Why do no religious group call themselves a cult?
  6. Why would simply owning a mobile phone cause a family to leave the  husband / father?
  7. How do some cults have so much power over people?
  8. How much religious control over your life is acceptable?
  9. How can you escape and get healed from years of brainwashing?
  10. What is the solution to controlling religion?

This book will show that no matter how trapped, how upset, or how damaged you may feel today, there is hope for you. The assault that cults inflict on the mind will not have the final word. Love will.

  • “A book straight from the heart and soul of a cult survivor. Johns telling of his story to inspire others is such a courageous act of love. A must read for anyone interested in Cults or recovering from being in one.” Grant
  • “I can honestly say I didn’t put this book down…” Carol W
  • “I struggled to put the book down. A lifetime of experience, pain and healing has gone into writing this book.” Mr Kidd
  • “Gosh John, what a journey you’ve been through so far…” J Finnerty
  • “A Book of Healing and Hope for Others.” Kristi Borst PhD
  • “His story is gripping, and I found myself cheering for his escape….and the escape of countless others that are sure to follow after reading this book…” Heather Hamilton
  • “Who doesn’t like a great story…?” C Moulton