Ex-Cult Member Support Group – Family Survival Trust

The Family Survival Trust invites ex-cult members to our Online Coercive Control Survivor Support Group (Cults/Extremist Groups) via Zoom.

If you’re interested in attending a session and haven’t had an introduction chat with us over Zoom yet, please get in touch so we can arrange that.

This group is made available to people affected by a wide variety of cults and extremist/exploitative groups (eg political, therapy, religious/spiritual, business, sports – among others) in various roles (eg former members, family of members, those who support former members etc). If you know anyone who might benefit from this group please ask them to get in touch with us by email at thefamilysurvivaltrustuk@gmail.com or contact us via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/The-Family-Survival-Trust-101185528082741 .

The next scheduled meetings can be found by clicking this link…


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