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Educational Course

January 2, 2020

Dr Alexandra Stein will be teaching a 12 week part-time evening course, one evening per week, at the Mary Ward Centre, London, from mid-January.

Educational Course
This interdisciplinary course will examine the phenomena of cults and totalitarian regimes – closed, hierarchical systems led by charismatic, authoritarian leaders. Using in-depth case studies, we will use a variety of theoretical approaches to understand these systems, in addition to reading narrative and literary accounts. We will explore the processes of recruitment, conversion, conformity, commitment and disaffiliation, with a particular emphasis on understanding the extreme obedience found in these systems. This course will examine commonalities between cults and totalitarian systems including: the effects on personal life and relationships, social networks, a shared absolute ideology, and charismatic relationship between leader and followers.

Woman Calls Local Church A Cult As She Fights To Reunite Family

November 18, 2019

Imagine visiting your baby grandson for the first time, then being told that you can’t hold him, because you are not in the same church as your daughter!

This highlights what Cult Escape is campaigning to create awareness about. Cultic control. Read full story here:

Thank you, Andy Sheehan, for giving permission to use this story. Sheehan, Andy. KDKA Pittsburgh,, November 6, 2019 at 6:58 pm,